The following terms and conditions and any other related rules adopted by Style With Mika  Limited  (collectively the “Conditions of Sale”) shall apply to all sales of the company  products  on  website 

These Conditions of Sale apply only to sales made on the Website. Style With Mika  Limited  may modify its Conditions of Sale if necessary, at its sole discretion.

The Conditions of Sale applicable to any order placed on the Website are those in force at the time you place your order on the Website. When you check the “I accept” box at the order confirmation section of the Website before placing your order with the Style With Mika  Limited  you indicate your acceptance of these Conditions of Sale. If you refuse to accept these Conditions of Sale, you will not be able to order products from the  Style With Mika  Limited Website.

Persons wishing to use the Website will also be deemed, by virtue of such use, to have agreed to be bound by our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which are incorporated into these Conditions of Sale by reference.


Only individuals (and not legal entities) who (a) have reached the age of majority (eighteen in most countries) and (b) have legal capacity to enter into contracts may order products on the Website (Please consult the payment and shipping policies below for more details). If you are under the age of majority or otherwise cannot lawfully enter into a contract, you must have your parent or guardian place an order on your behalf and thereby assent to these Conditions of Sale. Any orders placed in contravention to this provision shall be null and void.


All orders placed on the Website are subject to availability and acceptance by the Style With Mika Limited.

Style With Mika  Limited   reserves the right to change the assortment of items proposed on the Website and may limit from time to time the quantity of products that may be ordered by a Customer in a single buying session.


In order to place an order on the Website, you register and create an online account. In order to register an online account, you will be required to provide valid and up-to-date information, such as your legal name, phone number and email address, and confirm that you have reached the age of majority.

Upon completion of your account registration on the Website, you will receive by email a one-time password, which will allow you to log in to your account on the Website and create a permanent account login and password. You may also receive a second email summarising the personal information you provided in registering for your online account. You are responsible for ensuring that your password and account login are kept secret, safe and secure at all times. Style With Mika  Limited   will not be held responsible or liable for any misuse of your account resulting from a third party’s access to and use of your password and account login.

We may change the information required to place an order or the registration requirements from time to time. Any changes will be posted on the Website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Clause 8 of these Conditions of Sale for more details about how we may use your personal information.

Should any of the information you provide on the Website change, please log in to your account and update such information directly on the Website. Moreover, in the event that Style With Mika  Limited reasonably suspects that a third party has breached a customer’s registration, password and/or account login, the Style With Mika  Limited  hall immediately cancel and terminate such account, and notify you by email or telephone.


If you are ordering on the Website, orders will be processed as follows: Once you have chosen a product, click on the “Add to Shopping Bag” button to place this product in your shopping bag. You may then decide to continue shopping for other products and add them to your shopping bag (subject to availability and quantity limits) or proceed to “Checkout” by clicking on this button. You may also remove one or more products you selected from the shopping bag.


All prices shown on the our offer  pages of the Website are in pounds, VAT included and excluding all other taxes.


You should carefully check all details before placing your order on the Website, including, without limitation, the particulars of each sale provided on the Website.

When you have completely reviewed your order, check the box next to “I accept” to indicate your agreement to be bound by these Conditions of Sale, and then click on the “Confirm and place order” button on the Website to place your order.

By placing an order, you are submitting an offer to  Style With Mika  Limited  to purchase the products placed in your “Shopping Bag”. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary provided for herein, Style With Mika  Limited  reserves the right to refuse, cancel and terminate orders at any moment in time.


8.1. Payment
You can pay for your order by either credit, debit card and other payment system as indicated on the Website. When ordering on the Website, you will need to enter your payment details on the appropriate form. For more information about how we use and protect your information, please view our Privacy Policy. All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorise payment to Style With Mika  Limited, you will need to contact your card issuer directly to solve this problem, and Style With Mika  Limited  will not be held liable for any delay .For more information about how we use and protect your information, please view our Privacy Policy.

In accordance with this contract, payment processing services for products purchased on this website by credit or payment card are provided by Style With Mika  Limited,  registered  under company number 11414844 of the registrar of Companies for England and Wales and  having its headquarters in 71 – 75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden – London  WC2H 9JQ ENGLAND 

8.2. Security

Style With Mika  Limited   takes precautions—including administrative, technical and physical measures—to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse as well as against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. 

Style With Mika  Limited   uses “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) encryption on all web pages where personal information is collected.

Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of the data you transmit to the Website, nor be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of Internet use, such as hacking for example. For more information about how we use and protect your information, please view our Privacy Policy.

In order to secure your transaction and prevent fraud, Style With Mika  Limited  will perform a credit card and anti-fraud check. By placing your order, you will be deemed to have authorised Style With Mika  Limited to perform such checks and  from time to time to transmit or obtain information that you have provided to Style With Mika  Limited  bout you in order to authenticate your identity, to validate your credit card, to obtain an initial credit card authorisation and to authorise a particular purchase transaction.


Once you have placed your order on the Website, you will receive an Acknowledgement of Order by email acknowledging the details of your order, as well as the present Conditions of Sale. This Acknowledgment of Order will contain an Order Reference Number assigned by Style With Mika  Limited.   Please carefully read the Conditions of Sale and make sure that you save the Order Reference Number for any future enquiries regarding your order.

This Acknowledgment of Order is not an acceptance of your order. Following the transmission of the Acknowledgment of Order,  Style With Mika  Limited  will conduct its usual security and anti-fraud checks and then process your order.


Upon shipment of your order, following completion by Style With Mika  Limited  of its anti-fraud and security checks,  Style With Mika  Limited  will send you by email a written Order Confirmation.

The Order Confirmation constitutes the acceptance of your order by  Style With Mika  Limited   and indicates the existence of a binding sales contract.

Style With Mika  Limited  will save information concerning all orders in accordance with applicable law. These documents will be made available to Customers after signing into the “My Account” section of the Website.


When ordering products on the Website, you, as the Customer, will have the option to choose whether you wish to receive an invoice at your billing address by regular mail. If you decide at this moment that you do not want to receive an invoice, you may at any time view your invoice by signing into the “My Account” section of the Website.


Shipping cost charged to customers for each order are those cost indicated in the Shopping Cart. 

The shipping costs are shown together with the other purchase costs at the conclusion of the order process, prior to confirmation 

Style With Mika  Limited  will deliver the ordered goods within 10 business (ten) days of the confirmation and issuance of the order.

In the event of delivery problems, or lateness of delivery of more than 10 (ten) working days after the placement of your order, customers are requested to notify Style With Mika  Limited   using the e-mail address

Style With Mika  Limited  reserves the right not to respond to claims made more than 30 (thirty) days after the order has been processed. 


Information and claims.
If you have a claim, please contact us  at the following address: Style With Mika  Limited   – 71 – 75 Shelton Street , Covent Garden – London  WC2H 9JQ ENGLAND 

Entire Agreement. 

The Conditions of Sale (as amended from time to time), including policies incorporated herein (e.g., Privacy Policy) constitute the entire agreement between you and Style With Mika  Limited  regarding your purchase of products on the Website, and supersede any prior Conditions of Sale.

In the event that one of the Conditions of Sale is considered, for whatever reason, partially void or unenforceable by a court of law, it shall be void or unenforceable only to this extent, and the validity and applicability of the other Conditions of Sale shall not be affected.


These Conditions of Sale are governed and construed in accordance with English Law without reference to provisions regarding a possible conflict of laws and with the exception of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).


You can initiate proceedings against  Style With Mika  Limited  in either a English court or in the country in which you live. Style With Mika Limited  can also initiate proceedings against you in the country in which you live. 

Without restricting the ability to initiate proceedings in a court of law, the Style With Mika  Limited  or the Customer shall make every possible effort for a period of thirty (30) days to amicably settle any legal claim or dispute that may be due or linked to a product, the Conditions of Sale or any related controversy.