Decor Consultation

Decoration is not about imitating a theme. It's about expressing your personality.
Style does not rely on a single choice or a predetermined set of rules; it is a successful marriage of beauty and comfort. To tell a unique and coherent tale, the sum of a room's many parts and possibilities must be organised. I'll explore innovative ideas for your home that will help you weave your own story in every room.

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Accessories Consultation

Art and accessories do not have to be ornate or excessively decorative.
A vase may be a vessel of beauty and harmony as well as any sculpture, and if their shape, texture, and colours are harmonious, a group of vases or pots can compose a sculpture.

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Colour Consultation

Colour tend to visibly alter a room's proportions, its size and shape. Lighter colours are always better suited for larger spaces because they maximise the space and don't feel distracting.
Darker tones, by comparison, can strengthen small areas and make them feel more personal.
It is essential to familiarise yourself with the architectural features of a space and its interiors, before selecting a colour theme.

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Entertaining with Style Consultation

Beautiful surroundings enhance celebrations with family and friends, and thoughtful details and imaginative touches influence a group’s mood. Colourful candles or lanterns, simple handwritten menu cards, customised platters, and whimsical touches to the table embellish and brighten the atmosphere. We will experiment with innovative creations to bring a unique look to your special events.

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Furniture Consultation

To select the perfect furniture pieces one must keep in mind how the piece was made, with what materials and the type of client it was meant for.
We are going to help you choose masterpieces created for the finest homes as well as less costly, regular furniture designed for more modest environments.

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General Inspiration Consultation

Do you need any inspiration for your new home? Or would you like your home to be renovated?
We can offer ingenious ideas for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even for your garden.

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Home Staging Consultation

Would you like to sell your home at a premium price? Do so with home staging! Staging does not mean decorating- staging means eliminates distractions so that potential buyers can concentrate on the space and not what is in a room.
We will arrange your property so that when the buyers walk through it, they will imagine themselves living their life here, and that this is the home they have been looking for.

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Home Styling Consultation

Expressing your own style in your home is always satisfying and liberating, and getting it right means making sure that your creative choices reflect your inner style.
We will help you express yourself as well as unplug and figure out how your space can and should represents your quirks, your pleasures, your story, and your emotions.

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