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My Trip to China in May

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At the end of May, I went to China. I was particularly impressed with Shenzhen, where I explored the third tallest building in the world and the tallest in China (739 m).

From one of the building’s highest floors, I was able to admire the city from above and even spot Hong Kong in the distance, where I had been a few days earlier.

I’ll add a few photos, so you can get a proper idea. I’ll say this though: I’m lucky I’m not afraid of heights ☺.

When I first arrived, I had expected a city so full of skyscrapers that I wouldn’t have been able to see the sky itself. Fortunately, my assumptions were wrong: although there were many tall buildings, there were also many open spaces and as a consequence, there wasn’t a lot of pollution (but it was very hot outside).

While I was there I tried and loved Cantonese cuisine and my friend Beppe, who had moved there for work, acted as my guide.

On the whole, I enjoyed a brief stay in China: I was fascinated by the amalgamation of modern Western architecture, technology, and clothing with Chinese culture and traditions.

I wasn’t able to stay as long as I would have wanted but I look forward to visiting China more thoroughly in the future.


  1. Chen
    | Reply

    Have you really been in Shenzhen?
    That skyscraper is frighteningly impressive.
    I’m glad you visited my city and I hope that many other Italians can visit it

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