What is home staging

It is changing the arrangement of the furniture, adding a touch of the right color, choosing the most suitable accessories, and taking care of the lighting. In occupied homes, this might include suggesting additional pieces to complete the look; if the property is vacant, staging requires selecting and renting the furniture that best suits it.

Luxury Staging

These are just a few interventions- non-structural and temporary- and designing them might seem easy, but to the untrained, it swiftly overwhelms. Staying within budget and the set timeframe to create a customized, upscale, and inviting residence is challenging: get help from an expert.

Furnished Property

Preparing a property for sale is a demanding process that you must follow from start to finish. Studies show that, with staging, houses sell 50% faster and for 6-10% more than un-staged properties. It is a vital part of the selling process and must be joined with a professional photoshoot, to reach a wider public. It changes the character of a house, sets it apart, and makes buyers fall in love with it at first sight.

Vacant Property

So, limit the time from listing to sale, and earn more return on your investment, with creative home staging solutions!

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