Interior Design Consultation

The Interior Design Process

"Interior design is a rigorous process built on many decisions. Whether the project in question is new construction or preexisting, a studio apartment or a grand domicile, it requires a methodical orderly and organised approach.

A specific sequencing of events is necessary to get from concept to completion. Planning ahead, thinking through myriad problems in advance, and sizing up one’s needs and spatial constraints to determine the most appropriate and inspired solution are indispensable skills.

From day one, every element, from the tiniest detail to the most comprehensive architectural modification, needs to be considered as a whole and managed with informed decision making, scrupulous oversight, and a lot of quick thinking, as things can and will inevitably go away.

Anyone who takes on a serious design project discovers the unexpected complexity of interior design. Intertwined decisions lead to creative and operational challenges.

Even seasoned pros confess that much of they work involves troubleshooting and problem solving, and that’s part of the fun. For design enthusiasts of all stripes, the excitement of seeing a vision fulfilled trumps the hiccups that occur along the way" (from HOME - Ellen S. Fisher - New York School of Interior Design).

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