london rent decrease
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With restrictions in place across the UK, rents dropped 5% in London. The pandemic has had a significant impact on London’s rental market, with renatal falls reflecting changing work and commute  habits.

As Galileo said:

Behind every problem, there is an opportunity this could be a good time to rent if you’re thinking of moving to  London or just looking for a better and bigger place to stay in the city.

A Christmas Table setting example

Christmas table setting

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The Essence of the Christmas table setting.

The more people I meet, the more I realize how much effort people put into organizing an entertaining Christmas, sometimes planning everything to the smallest detail.
The decorations around the house, the clothes they wear, the food they prepare. Usually, it is while planning Christmas meals that many realize that they don’t just want the food to be beautiful; they want to create a festive atmosphere. This can be achieved through the table setting.  
A skillful table setting enhances the appeal and appearance of the food you place on the table and shows all the care and effort you put in for your loved ones.
Still, few are confident in how to handle specific tableware.
Whenever I’m in touch with a hostess/host, always they look for suggestions: a fun idea or imaginative ways to style a table for Christmas. A thoughtful environment can make any meal, even the simple one, into a memorable celebration.
Imagining a beautiful table setting is actually very easy, satisfying, and fun. Even the most straightforward scheme will have a transforming effect on the entire room.
You don’t need a new cupboard of dinnerware. You can use what you already have in your house.
The only suggestion I can give universally is to do several trials. Free your imagination: you’ll find that you already understand which table setting reflects your style, whether it’s Christmas lunch or dinner.

Some tips for Setting an Elegant Christmas Table

Formal or casual, traditional or modern, colorful or neutral, patterned or plain. You can mix and match, repurpose pieces, and incorporate vintage finds.
  • Use festive branch decoration, fir tree branches, pine cones, Christmas baubles decoration, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread stars, dried orange rings, cinnamon pieces, spruce wreath, and garlands. Most people already have these items from previous Christmases.
  • You can use other colors to enhance mood: you don’t have to restrict yourself to greens and reds. Use tartans or introduce gold: it sets shimmering crystal alight. The china, glassware, flowers, candles, linen, and decorative flourishes are all unique to you. Candles create intimacy.
I hope this short post will inspire you, but also ease your stress on how to turn your Christmas table setting into something memorable.
Interior design plan

First steps towards a finished interior design project.

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I’m writing this little post just to inform people about my creative process since clients often contact me, asking about interior house layout ideas and sketches. 
But what does this entail? Let me explain through a particular assignment I received and completed.
A project for a couple of young owners, working in the city of London, who bought a 120 sqm flat in Eaton Street, Belgravia, London, with its own beautiful garden. Having decided to renovate their flat, the couple contacted me, asking for a unique interior layout: something that would charmingly blend classical taste and a modern atmosphere.
As a starting point, I had, of course, the original space, with a classical appearance, based on principles of symmetry and hierarchy.
The flat’s five windows are situated to the north-facing view, providing lighting that is consistent throughout the day. The owners wanted to maintain the existing spatial relationship between most of the rooms, as well as the sources of sunlight and fresh air.
I usually design and submit a few layouts (two in this case). I wanted the couple to understand, through the plans, just how much the flat could change with different designs while keeping proper proportions, whether grand or modest. (The following 3 drawings give an idea of how their apartment could be turned into entirely different spaces.)
My first rule is to always get the space right first.
I also wanted to keep the initial design proposals elegant and straightforward so that the layout the couple liked best could be readjusted flexibly. Adjustments and additions to plans are based on the layout the clients picked and their comments, as these give me a more concrete sense of their tastes.
Once these principal limits were set, it was time to think about creating the atmosphere your clients asked for.
What I needed was to highlight for this type of house is glamour, comfort, harmony. Add little touches here and there to reflect not only the lifestyle of the owners but how they wanted to think of themselves and how they wanted to be seen.
The way clients want to think of themselves is precisely the most crucial element that needs to be conveyed through the objects, the colors, the arrangement of furniture, lights, and space. It is this vision that makes each interior unique and needs to be carefully cultivated and expressed.

‘La luce di Venezia’ event

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I am overjoyed to announce that my La Luce di Venezia event has finally taken place, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June.

As someone with an interior design background and as an event organizer, my job isn’t limited to merely preparing the venue in such a way that it is both creative and pleasing to the eye. That would be a very narrow view of what it is that I do. My mission is to introduce my guests to a particular and distinctive atmosphere, something that will remain imprinted in their minds. Through the choice in location, the music, the food and scents, and even just the table setting—the combination of all these choices should strike all who see them, should inspire them.

In this post, I will briefly describe my thought process and the more creative aspects of planning my La Luce di Venezia event.

The event was set in Murano, a small island next to Venice, known for its glass industry. The style was much inspired by the artist Aristide Najean’s magnificent glass pieces. I wanted to cultivate a mood that would convey the theme, light.

What a fortuitous coincidence then, that glass and light flawlessly enhance each other: the weekend of the Summer Solstice was the perfect date to set the event.

Our location was Aristide’s forge “La Cathedrale,” a thick brick structure. With this in mind, my vision was for the interior to contrast the sturdy exterior, using light and transparent materials and creating plays of light, of mirrors, of sharpness, and water.

Following this logic, I decided to work with colors such as gold and white; I used glass candle-holders, designed and crafted by Aristide Najean and his master glass-makers; I used calligraphed seat markers, and so much more.

All of it was arranged to create unexpected visions and a charming mood. Every detail had to combine with the others to form a concept, to portray the theme: the goal was communicating it to the guests, and convincing them that they were experiencing something unrepeatable.

However, the most important thing to remember is this: never, ever assume anything. It there’s a small mishap, don’t panic– it’s not a tragedy; yet, don’t underestimate it, because it’s the tiniest details that make experiences great.