Welcome to Style with Mika

I am Michela, the founder of Style with Mika. I began my career as an interior designer in Italy but for many years I have been working in London as a freelance designer and lifestyle consultant.

I have clients from all over the world, and this has led to an expansion of my profession. As many have increasingly sought my advice on their personal lifestyle I have decided to form an independent consultancy in Milan focused on luxury interiors and properties. This will allow my clients to fully embrace their own personal style and to fulfil their potential.

With other members of our professional team, and over 20 years of experience, we also oversee luxury properties. We can provide a full range of services to those who wish to buy a property as an investment in Milan and Como lake, or those who just want to relocate to Italy.

The People we work with - Annabel

Annie has accumulated several years of experience in Wedding Planning. Specifically, in planning exclusive weddings for international clients at important locations in Italy.

She is a professional that plans the wedding from start to finish; helping to formulate a budget, select the ceremony, the reception site, flowers, invitations and service providers.

She keeps getting hired because she keeps making couples and wedding professionals happy, thanks to her unique approach for wedding ceremonies.
Various international magazines in the sector have dedicated several articles to her about the splendid Weddings she has designed.

The People we work with - Maria

Maria trained at the ISD in Naples, attending the course for interior and industrial design. She achieved the highest score on her diploma. Afterward, she worked in interior design studios in Salerno, Caserta, and Naples, with various professionals.

She works with immense passion and constant commitment. Her mission is to fully satisfy the requests and desires of the clients without ever sacrificing functionality and aesthetics, which are the basis of a good project that will also last over time.

Despite deeply respecting tradition, she prefers contemporary design and experimentation, using new techniques and materials that also blend well with traditional ones. In her projects, she places great importance on the use of color and lighting, now considered as a feature similar to a piece of furniture.