First steps towards a finished interior design project

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A question that many people ask themselves is: How do I start an interior design project?
I’m writing this little post just to inform people about my creative process since clients often contact me, asking about interior house layout ideas and sketches. 
But what does this entail? Let me explain through a particular assignment I received and completed.
A project for a couple of young owners, working in the city of London, who bought a 120 sqm flat in Eaton Street, Belgravia, London, with its own beautiful garden.
Having decided to renovate their flat, the couple contacted me, asking for a unique interior layout: something that would charmingly blend classical taste and a modern atmosphere.
As a starting point, I had, of course, the original space, with a classical appearance, based on principles of symmetry and hierarchy.
The flat’s five windows are situated to the north-facing view, providing lighting that is consistent throughout the day. The owners wanted to maintain the existing spatial relationship between most of the rooms, as well as the sources of sunlight and fresh air.
I usually design and submit a few layouts (two in this case). I wanted the couple to understand, through the plans, just how much the flat could change with different designs while keeping proper proportions, whether grand or modest. (The following 3 drawings give an idea of how their apartment could be turned into entirely different spaces.)
My first rule is to always get the space right first.
I also wanted to keep the initial design proposals elegant and straightforward so that the layout the couple liked best could be readjusted flexibly. Adjustments and additions to plans are based on the layout the clients picked and their comments, as these give me a more concrete sense of their tastes.
Once these principal limits were set, it was time to think about creating the atmosphere your clients asked for.
What I needed was to highlight for this type of house is glamour, comfort, harmony. Add little touches here and there to reflect not only the lifestyle of the owners but how they wanted to think of themselves and how they wanted to be seen.
The way clients want to think of themselves is precisely the most crucial element that needs to be conveyed through the objects, the colors, the arrangement of furniture, lights, and space. It is this vision that makes each interior unique and needs to be carefully cultivated and expressed.

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